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Founded in 2020 by Kristy Rilcof, our business was built around creating candles to make your home or space a little more cozy and inviting, and smelling really good, especially in the winter during a pandemic! Our candles are hand crafted with 100% soy wax with fragrant and essential oils made in Langley, BC. 
We have a few different styles to choose from and some of our collection is ever-changing! We have some staples for fall and winter that we continue to roll with each year.
We all deserve to feel good, and we would like to help you do that, so light up your space and make it smell good. Our candles make the perfect gift for you or someone you love!
Each scent is carefully curated, inspired by a childhood memory, and packaged ready to gift. We’re highly committed to creating the perfect candle, made just for you.

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